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Trailblazing South African entrepreneur, actress and radio host Thando Thabethe will take the public behind the scenes of her private life in a new reality show, Unstoppable Thabooty, which will air exclusively on BET Africa (DStv channel 129) from 15 April 2023 at 19:30.

The qualified accountant turned award-winning entertainment personality and business woman will invite viewers into her world as she navigates the demands of being a professional woman in a fast-paced industry, while the cameras document her every move.

Unstoppable Thabooty will explore what makes Thando a household name on and off screen, and how she owns her throne in her day-to-day life away from the mic and the movie cameras, revealing in the process just why this multi-talented young woman has become a much-loved role model to her tribe.

Said Thando, "I’m no stranger to the cameras, but a reality show is a completely different ball game! I’m beyond excited to bring viewers into my world, showing them who the real Thando is and what she does away from the public eye. Hopefully they’ll be as entertained as I was while making the show! This show is especially dear to my heart as it is my debut as an executive producer under Redwood Productions, which I co-own with Tumi Maimela. My wish is that Unstoppable Thabooty inspires young Black people in particular to know their worth and seize their power.”

Season one of Unstoppable Thabooty will see the How to Ruin Christmas star, 947 drive-time presenter and the brains behind the Thabooty’s lingerie brand decluttering her life in pursuit of simpler living. Get up close and personal with Thando and her inner circle as they tackle the pressures of daily living, inspire audiences with messages of body positivity and how to chase your dreams in the entertainment industry.

Unstoppable Thabooty will feature friends Given Baloyi, a radio content producer and close friend; Thando’s childhood friend Mantsoe “Pout” Tsatsi, who is on a stratospheric journey of her own in the radio industry; as well as TV and film producer Tumi Maimela, whom Thando holds dear as a confidante and business partner.

Plus, we’ll meet her sister Sanele Thabethe, a fashion designer, creative director and buyer at Thabooty’s; and her mom, Sibongile Thabethe, a businesswoman in her own right, who supports her daughter unwaveringly throughout the pressures and demands of being a young female entrepreneur.

Unstoppable Thabooty airs exclusively on BET (channel 129 on DStv) from 15 April at 19:30. Repeats Sundays at 18:00.

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