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Wang’kolota Returns to Mzansi Wethu for Season 3 with New Host Trevor Gumbi!

black man in turmoil
Wang’kolota S3 returns with new host Trevor Gumbi

Are you a ‘skepsel’ in need but a ‘kleva’ in the streets? Well, get ready because Wang’kolota is back on Mzansi Wethu for a third season, and they're coming for you! The popular show returns with a new host, the entertaining Trevor Gumbi, starting Sunday, 18 August.

Wang'kolota shines a spotlight on individuals who lavishly spend their money while neglecting to repay their debts. Trevor Gumbi and his crew step in to assist lenders in retrieving their hard-earned money from borrowers who have been dodging repayments. It's a real-life drama where justice is sought one debt at a time.

But it’s not just about reclaiming what's owed; there are legal intricacies to consider. The show ensures that all parties involved give their full consent, and a legal representative is on hand to provide advice on the best legal approach. This ensures that the accused’s property can be seized to repay the debt, should the need arise, while ensuring that all actions are lawful and ethical.

Wang'kolota takes care to ensure that the accused are fully aware, willing, and under no duress, understanding the risks and consequences involved. The big question remains: can Trevor Gumbi and his team successfully retrieve what's owed, or are there deeper issues at play?

Don't miss the gripping new season of Wang’kolota on Mzansi Wethu (DStv Channel 163) starting Sunday, 18 August at 20:00. Tune in and watch justice unfold!

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