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The brief of the much-anticipated Idols SA ‘Showstopper’ week has always been simple – pull out all the stops to give viewers a performance they will never forget. And tonight, guest judge Thembi Seete added her expert opinion: take viewers on a journey, feel every minute of the performance and have the best time. All seven contestants had the opportunity to do just that, with the Idols SA judges having decided to nix this week’s elimination.

Fortunately, the brief was well understood – contestants showed off their dance moves and showcased their vocal talents against a backdrop of flashing lights, breathtaking special effects and entertaining background dancers, without losing their stage presence.

It was a spectacular affair from the very first performance, with judge Randall Abrahams exclaiming “Welcome to the main event!” in reaction to S’22Kile’s performance of Beyoncé’s ‘Dance for You’.

There was no shortage of praise as Unathi Nkayi commended Sia Mzizi for picking himself up after last week’s coolly-received performance and pulling off a dynamic cover of De Mthuda’s ‘John Wick’. Karabo’s soulful performance of Aretha Franklin’s ‘Respect’ had Thembi marvelling at her voice and “diva aura”, while Unathi took a bow for Daylin Sass’s rhythmic performance of Black Coffee and Usher’s ‘LaLaLa’.

Berry sang Christina Aguilera’s ‘Something's got a hold on Me’. While Thembi was beside herself with excitement, saying she would be upset if the multi-talented performer did not find herself busy with gigs after Idols, Randall found the performance “soulless”.

All three judges were, however, in agreement about the last two performances. Nqobie sang ‘Dance Like We are Making Love’ by Ciara, which, for a second week in a row, left Randall with nothing more to say but “You can sing, whoa!”

Kevin closed off the show with ‘We Dance Again’ by Black Coffee and Nakhane – a performance that left Thembi breathless, with Unathi summing it all up by saying, “Now that is how you shut down Showstopper!”

Commenting on the performances, Randall said he was impressed with the hard work the top 7 had put in.

“It was a showstopper week like never before on [Idols SA], with video to live transitions being added to the mix. The top 7 gave us a very good glimpse of how they handle themselves on video, while they also managed to pull off some very spectacular performances on stage. It was a good week, and I am confident that whoever is eliminated will have a bright future ahead of them,” he said.

The elimination rounds will resume next week.


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