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Internationally recognised recording artist, PAXTON, has released her much-anticipated new single, ‘Touch & Go that will have fans excited for her sophomore album. Released via

, ‘Touch & Go’ is available to stream or download here:

PAXTON makes a statement with the first single off her upcoming album signalling to her core fan base that she has returned and is indeed one of South Africa’s most talented stars. With ‘Touch & Go’ PAXTON ushers in a new era exploring the boundaries and fluidity of R&B, Soul, Afrobeats, Pop and Amapiano.

The inspiration behind ‘Touch and Go’ was through a conversation PAXTON had with her friends about how difficult and complex dating can be these days, especially as a young professional focused on their career and goals. The message of the song is one that everyone can relate to and PAXTON had lots of fun creating it.

“It has always been important to me that my audience grows with me and I take them on this journey. Music is the way I choose to express myself, I am in the most vulnerable space when I am in the studio and always hope that people will get to know me and experience who I am when listening to my music. This is a new era, I have entered a new season and I am really excited to introduce my core audience to this new version of me,” shares PAXTON.

PAXTON’s entry into the music industry was grounded by her fierce passion for music and saw her land three number one singles, an album and international tours within her first year in the industry. As she prepares to release her second body of work, PAXTON approaches it with growth and vulnerability.

PAXTON is proud of her debut album, ‘This Is Me’, and what it achieved as a great stepping-stone in her career. She now looks at her second release as an opportunity to build upon her debut album.

With this new album, the 23-year-old feels more in-tune with herself and understands herself better as she grows as an individual and musician.

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