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BET Africa is pleased to announce and welcome the talented Naledi Radebe who joins the BET Culture Squad. On Sunday, 6 February, Nomalanga Shozi announced on social media that she is expecting her first child.

As she begins her maternity leave, the BET Africa host is bidding a tearful farewell to viewers and will throw the reins over to our new and beautiful host Naledi Radebe.

Naledi Radebe, aka Leddi G, is a Cape Town-born creative who is well-known for her travel and lifestyle content as well as her captivating style. She made her TV and social media debut as a runner-up on MTV's Base VJ search and has since appeared in major soapies, reality shows, and news specials, as well as lending her signature tone to voice-overs. She is the co-founder, model, and stylist of fashion platform @them.two, as well as the host of her own celebrity IGTV program, 'What's the Tea?'. In addition to being a magazine contributor, she is also a co-creator, model, and stylist of fashion site @them.two. She's returned to the ViacomCBS family as BET Africa's newest addition to hosting after a career as a purveyor of all things culture.

“This is a bitter-sweet moment for BET Africa. We are excited for Nomalanga as she transitions to her new motherhood journey, we wish her all the best on this break and look forward to her return, ” said Monde Twala, SVP/GM ViacomCBS Networks Africa and BET International Peer Lead.

"We congratulate Naledi on her new role as host and warmly welcome her to the BET Africa family and VIACOMCBS Africa Culture Squad. We are thrilled to feature, promote, and elevate black girl magic on BET Africa, and we are very proud to collaborate with new talented and creative tastemakers, Leddi G is poised to entertain Africa in this fresh role." Further said Twala.


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