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What do you do when your cheating partner won’t change their ways, but you still want to salvage the relationship? Face-to-Face, a new emotainment reality show first on Mzansi Magic, which sees hurt lovers sitting down with their partners and the other party in the hopes of resolving things.

Hosted by actress Noluthando Meje and facilitated by clinical psychologist Vuyo Temba (also on 1Magic’s Abasemzini), Face-to-Face brings together three parties in the hopes of finding a resolution for all involved.

Infidelity is always topical, and with Face-to-Face we explore it in a way that doesn’t shame or embarrass those involved. Each episode will feature conversations that delve deep into the issues behind the affair, hopefully leaving those involved in a better place at the end of it.

Without ambushing anyone, Face-to-Face show gives partners the chance to confront their cheating loves in a safe environment, and the “other person” in their relationship will also be present for a three-way dinner date that unpacks the reasons behind the affair. The goal is not to expose the adulterers or catch them in the act – Face-to-Face affords everyone a dignified and civilized platform that explores the infidelity from all sides: the person being cheated on, the one doing the cheating and the one being cheated with.

The show will be an eye-opening and sometimes uncomfortable experience, but the parties are all determined to come to a resolution so that they can move on with their lives, with or without their lovers.

Watch Face-to-Face on Mzansi Magic (DStv channel 161), starting 12 October 2021.



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