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South Africa bared witness to the first ever Tastic Heritage Festival, a magical and euphoric experience that was driven by heritage and diversity. Thandiswa Mazwai, alongside Ihhash Elimhlophe, Boom Shaka, Zoë Modiga, Dr. Rebecca Malope, Black Motion, Thebe, The Soil, Trompies, Prince Kaybee, PJ Powers, and many more demonstrated how our cultural differences unite us through music.

This fundamental experience gave patrons an opportunity to enjoy delectable and flavourful heritage inspired food, part of the offerings were the Tastic air popped rice chips that come in a number of delicious flavours that Mzansi snackists indulged in.

“The partnership between Tastic and Thandiswa Mazwai as the headline act, together with Mzansi's superstars who graced the enormous Tastic stage, was a wonderful exhibition of how Mzansi embraced and optimized true giving. It was magical to watch this phenomenal event come to life. We are proud of the execution of the first ever Tastic Heritage festival, the icons blew the crowd away as we saw them sing along to their nostalgic favourites” says Thembi Sehloho Marketing Director of Pasta and Rice

Tastic has played an integral role in spreading true generosity through the celebration of our creative icons, the Tastic heritage campaign has become Mzansi’s commemorated brand campaign calling to express our true generosity by raising educational funds for those in need.

“There are several ways in which our culture, including our languages and cultural traditions are vanishing, we need to stress such initiatives in our society and engage in them. Therefore, celebrations like this one are fantastic in rekindling in people the desire to see themselves as joyful, jubilant individuals and to see their culture in a great, proud manner,” said Thandiswa Mazwai.

Mazwai continued; “One of the factors that inspired me to get involved in this campaign is the element of raising educational funds. Education is the biggest and most crucial part of the life of every child, and Tastic is helping us as creatives to connect our artistry with initiatives like these.”

“Typically, we are exposed to Tastic’s true generosity, through a cup of Tastic rice that can fill the pot to feed families. It is very humbling for me to contribute to spreading Tastic’s true generosity with my music to celebrate our heritage, celebrate our icons, and raise funds to produce more creatives, more doctors, more lawyers, etc. This campaign reminds us that “I am because of you”. Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu,” said Ihhashi Elimhlophe.

The narrative of this campaign is to celebrate our heritage using Mzansi’s creative icons through true generosity, and this year the brand saw it fitting to celebrate and partner with musical icon – Thandiswa Mazwai. This campaign does not only focus on festivities but also on sharing that true generosity spirit through empowering the youth…and the best form to empower youth is through education.

The night ended by an electrifying performance by Black Motion, who said “Every performance that we put on stage, is about teaching the culture and infusing what’s happening right now with one of the forgotten drums, ‘dun dun drums’. And that’s how we as Black Motion showed up by preserving our heritage through the dun dun drum that expresses African love through rhythm, just like how Tastic rice has preserved our seven colour Sundays.”

All the proceeds from the The Tastic Heritage Festival 2022, will go towards an educational fund that will that will give underprivileged and deserving students an equal opportunity at quality education for the year 2023. Consumers who wish to enter to benefit from this fund are asked to be on the lookout for details on the Tastic rice social media pages.


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