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After two successful seasons of MTV Africa’s hit reality series “Have Faith”, Faith Nketsi is back for more. MTV Africa recently announced the return of “Have Faith” and season 3 which is expected to be her most intimate yet. In the previous two seasons, we saw the star transition from being a socialite to an entrepreneur while navigating her sometimes tumultuous personal relationships and trying to find love. This season, Faith takes her ambitions to the next level as she builds her ever-expanding empire. Being an entrepreneur is hard enough but this season the star is choosing to say yes to love and yes to life. Be sure to catch the premiere of the 3rd season of “Have Faith”, exclusively on MTV Africa (DStv channel 130) from Monday, 25 October at 21:30 CAT.

Much has been said in the press and on social media about Faith Nketsi, but one thing that we can’t deny is her hustle. After becoming the first South African female social media start have her very own MTV Africa reality show, 3 seasons later, the insta-star is still making boss moves. “Have Faith” will give viewers an intimate look into the life of one of South Africa’s most controversial and most talked-about personalities. This season Faith is on a big mission to expand her Fe Beauty empire after taking complete ownership by acquiring a controlling stake from her partner in the business. As one of the country’s most recognisable influencers, the star wants to take her influence beyond our shores and break into the global influencer market.

“I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to be back for season 3, it’s incredible how my followers have walked the journey with me up until this point,” commented Faith Nketsi. “This season will be a whole lot more intimate than the previous two seasons. I am growing not only as an entrepreneur, but as a woman, a daughter, and a friend. I’m also excited to show a glimpse of my love life,” she added.

Returning for Season 3 is Faith’s best friend Kim Kholiwe, who is doing her single motherhood so well as she raises her baby boy. Previously, we discovered that Kim’s baby daddy is not involved in his son’s life, and in this season we see her journey continuing as she is becoming more open to building a good relationship for the baby’s sake. Andzelo Tivani, the architect of Faith’s career remains ambitious and upbeat about Faith’s empire. Andzelo is navigating his relationship with his family post coming out and his parent’s divorce. He’s becoming a whole lot more independent this season, finding love and building a career of his own as a DJ.

“Have Faith”, exclusively on MTV Africa (DStv Channel 130) on Monday, 25 October at 21:30 CAT.


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