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It is just days to go before the Savanna Comics’ Choice Comedy Awards take to stage and the industry is getting ready to announce, honour and celebrate this year’s winners at a glamorous black tie birthday celebration event at The Galleria in Sandton on 15 April 2023. Along with each of the 10 winners, who will perform five minutes of stand-up in lieu of an acceptance speech, some incredible talent has been secured for the awards show. The host for the evening, with four Comics’ Choice Awards and two Emmy nominations under his belt, and possibly the tallest man in comedy, will be Loyiso Gola.

Look forward to an energetic performance from award-winning, internationally recognised choreographer and DJ, Courtnaé Paul, accompanied by comedian-cum-dancer, Ambrose Uren.

Except something unexpected and extraordinary from live singing drag artist sensation, Edó. A special show moment will undoubtedly be when the awards honours Hall of Fame recipient, Alan Committie. “We’re excited to see the months of hard work behind the scenes, consultation with the industry, working with comedians, talent and performers, come to life on stage this weekend,” says Manuela Dias De Deus, producer of the Savanna Comics’ Choice Comedy Awards. The who’s who of SA’s comedy industry will be there, and you should be too. So book your seat before tickets sell out via Quicket here; it’s going to be an incredible awards show and night of laughter and entertainment.


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