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Soul September is back for the second year running. With various iterations of R&B and Soul being reinterpreted by African artists through Alté, Neo-Soul, Afrobeats and Alternative R&B, the campaign spotlights the leading talent in Africa’s New School R&B and Soul.

The Soul September campaign will include exclusive playlists from SAMA-nominated singers Langa Mavuso and Moonga K, Hunter Rose, Joda Kgosi, Nalu, Nigeria's Fireboy DML, Tems, Buju, Oxlade and Kenya’s Nikita Kering.

Each carefully curated guest playlist features the artists’ favourite R&B songs of all time, alongside songs that have been vital in helping them craft their own distinct sound. The collection will also include the best new African and international R&B and Soul releases as well as all the hottest breaking tracks, music videos and Artist Essentials playlists.

“This playlist for Apple Music is a compilation of soulful sounds that have shaped and inspired my love for soul and R&B over the last 27 years. We explore this sound through music of the past and close it off with the artists who continue to pioneer this sound presently.” - Langa Mavuso

“This Apple Music playlist includes songs from my family, Mwanjé & Titose, to R&B legends such as Prince, Laura Mvula and Jazmine Sullivan, who have inspired me to be the artist I am today. Soul music is a part of my DNA and a world where vocal acrobatics, heart-wrenching lyrics and grit and sass live, and I am all for it. These songs make me happy, sad, emotional, in love — they make me feel human, and I am forever indebted to these artists for making me feel." - Moonga K.

“These songs for my Apple Music playlist are a constant source of inspiration, reflection, release and joy. They’ve inspired me to be true to my essence as an artist but most importantly as a human being and a woman. These are some of the songs I grew up listening to as well as some of the best records and artists SA has to offer. These artists have shown me how multi-dimensional the genre is and can be. I’m no longer afraid to experiment with sounds, tempos and influences. These songs have inspired me to push the boundaries every time I step into the booth.” - Hunter Rose

“I chose these songs for my Apple Music playlist because R&B is all about making people feel. All these songs are so beautiful and make me feel, with every listen. Some have made me cry and some have made me smile. But they all made me feel something. That's why I love them." - Joda Kgosi

“For my Apple Music playlist, I put together a collection of songs to fall in love to, dance to, sing along to and listen to whilst driving along the coast or through the city. This music tells the artists’ stories so beautifully, creating a listening experience of healing, comfort and freedom. I feel inspired when I listen to these artists, moved by the sounds of Rhythm and Blues, from old school classics to new school bangers - these songs make me feel alive.” - Nalu

“This Apple Music playlist is a compilation of soulful songs that represent different facets of my life as a human and artist - songs from artists that have inspired my sound and writing style over the years, songs by myself that I consider true reflections of the soulful side to my artistry, and songs that get me through the necessary solitude I need for my creativity to bloom. I hope my fans and other listeners enjoy this Apple Music playlist. This is a little peek into my personality." - Fireboy DML

“This Apple Music playlist is for pure vibes, surrounded by my kind." - Tems

“My Apple Music playlist is a collection of R&B, alternative and Afro-pop songs that my girlfriend and I enjoy. I hope you like it too." - Buju

“The Apple Music playlist was chosen from a place of love and they are songs I vibe with because they put me in zones I want to be in." - Oxlade

“I chose these songs for my Apple Music playlist because they all ooze confidence in their own way, which is a big part of who I am. They are also a healthy balance between the elements of throwback R&B and modern trap vibes. I know anyone who listens to R&B has at least half of these songs on their playlists. They rock!” – Nikita Kering

Discover Apple Music’s Soul September campaign

Discover the music that inspires the leading talent in Africa’s New School R&B and Soul:


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