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Apple Music’s Visionary Women campaign aims to celebrate the powerful women across the Amapiano, dance, house, alternative, pop and R&B scenes, who push and break boundaries within South Africa’s rich and varied music landscape.

Now in its fourth year, Apple Music’s Visionary Women Collection will house the playlists of South Africa’s forward thinking pioneers and disruptors, namely Boohle, Sha Sha, Pabi Cooper, Amy Lilley, Tyler Page, Emma Goode (Emerger), Nobuhle, Nana Atta, DESIREE, Nomfundo Moh, Sio and Rowlene who have selected their ultimate female anthems.

“Amapiano has given myself, and a lot of upcoming artists who were unknown, a chance to showcase our talents. Being one of the well-known Amapiano female vocalists gives me a chance to tell my story and share my experiences with people who may be going through the same thing as me. Amapiano is now a culture that is being spread to the world and we as the pioneers of the sound need to stand together and push it hard. I write songs that mean something to me and I always ensure I give it my level best.” — Boohle

“I am honoured and humbled to have made an impact within the Amapiano space which I experience daily by the love I get from people who connect to the music across the world. It is beautiful to see how our music is making an impact across oceans and I am excited to be part of this wave.” — Sha Sha

“I make music to change peoples lives. I curate every song to bring unity with no stereotypes. Amapiano has become the voice of the youth, a true expression of our reality and I am here to use my voice to tell the real stories.” — Pabi Cooper

“The basis of electronic music is black. From the infectious beats that came out of Detroit, to the unforgettable hypnotising grooves hailing from Chicago, house music and techno has inspired me from the first time I was able to enjoy music. As a South African, the emergence of tribal and Afro-house in the 2000s introduced me to a variation of this evergreen genre which has since taken over my life. My love for synthesisers combined with organic percussive elements has inspired me to educate audiences worldwide through my selections. This undying love of mine is also the core inspiration behind my debut offering, FEMME TECH, which is a gynocentric interpretation of the music that has carried me throughout my life. FEMME TECH is dedicated to all those who a minority which is a theme that is dear to my heart as an intersex woman.” — DESIREE

“As a black woman artist, I believe I have a responsibility to continue where all the great women artists left off. A duty to enlighten, to encourage and to restore self awareness and pride, so that every woman artist that follows knows to be unapologetically bold, fierce and sexy. The Afro-tech space provides a perfect platform for this in my opinion. This is why in my upcoming EP titled Emakhosini, I touch base on elevation and self awareness as an artist and as an African. I'm an African Warrior Princess on a mission to restore!” — Nana Atta

“My artistry is a celebration of universal stories of love, spirituality and healing, which I'm growing towards daily to reach my potential. I would like to create taking from those before me and continuing the legacy of my calling. My music brings healing and I would never want to create a song without being able to touch my supporters.” — Nobuhle

“As women, we have to fight, speak out and put up with so many things everyday to be treated with dignity. When I make music I feel like it's mine and I find my power in it. No one can touch it, it's all mine. As an artist I want to make women feel as courageous as I do, when I'm singing.” — Amy Lilley

“Every song on my Apple Music Visionary Women playlist has made me think at one point or another, ‘I wish I wrote that!’ It's my personal mix of ‘Female Faves’ - a celebration of artists that has shaped the vocalist and musician that I am today and continue to inspire my songwriting. I'm talking powerhouse voices from my teens like Hayley Williams from Paramore, to more recent trailblazers like Yebba, Elise Trouw, Lizzy McApline and Maggie Rogers. To me, this playlist is everything that a woman in music can be - multifaceted and straight up brilliant! I hope you marvel at their creations and let it smush you sonically. You can thank me later.” — Emma Goode

“It’s important for me to connect to and help others through my music, to sing meaningful songs that touch someone’s spirit and perhaps help them to get through a tough time. Also to be an alternative voice of inspiration through telling offbeat stories. I love the idea that lyrics can transcend boundaries and mean something to a perfect stranger. The playlist i have put together for Apple Music is a playlist of powerful music created by powerful women. I look up to all these women and each and every one of these songs make me feel something, some make me cry and some make me feel empowered. But that’s the beauty of music, it allows you to feel. And In light of this month being woman’s month, I am proud to be one of them!”— Tyler Page

“Being a female in the South African Music industry, means creating music that no matter which factor the song touches on, people should be shaken in a way and that's what I live for.” — Nomfundo Moh

“Trusting the timing is the best thing you can do for yourself. Knowing your purpose and doing things from a good warm place will always allow you to create without attachment and that just embodies freedom of expression. My Apple Music Visionary Women playlist has couple songs from some of my favourite artists. I love music that makes me feel something and the lyrics hit me after and changes my perception even further - this playlist feels like my heart in a jar. ” — Rowlene

“R&B stands for ‘Rhythm & Blues,’ and I have a lot ‘blues,’ I turn into rhythm. I’m blessed that so many can relate to the many shades of blue my heartbreaks take on. I’m a woman who has had her light dimmed and power diffused by the world and the rules entrenched in all of us and like most of us, I have been played, fooled, shattered, healed and I’m still healing and this playlist reflects that for me. It’s in the same emotive theme as my upcoming album Torn Tapestries, which speaks of that pain without asking you to feel sorry for me, because it’s just part of being here.— Sio

Discover the soundtracks that fuel SA's foremost female figures below:


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