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SABC1 and Uzalo welcome Fanele Ntuli and Nkanyiso Mchunu as the new additions to the Uzalo family as they join the cast of the number-one Mzansi TV show.

Fanele Ntuli will take over the role of Nomaswazi Magwaza from the 2nd of January 2023. Nomaswazi grew up in the village and was taught her place as a woman, and it was simple: Be on your best behaviour until some man comes along and makes an honest woman out of you. Being inferior and underneath was taught to her at a young age, and no 2000 would accept that. As the only Magwaza child, she wants her rightful place at the table. She wants to lead. Her ambition pits her against her mother and her cousin, Vika. But Nomaswazi has already failed enough to fail again. She is determined to get to the helm of her father’s criminal company.

The viewers are introduced to Nkanyiso Mchunu on the 10th of January 2023 in his new character Siphamandla “Wizard” Nkosi. Wizard grew up in South Africa with a fascination for computers and coding at a very young age. He comes from a respectable family of academics but has always been the black sheep of the family, rebellious and always getting himself into sticky situations but running at the first sign of trouble. His curiosity has led him to be an expert hacker.

“Being allowed to dive into such a colourful and intense story has been challenging but fulfilling. I look forward to my new journey on Uzalo and the SABC family. I believe the audience will love the magic we made” – Fanele Ntuli.

“Joining Uzalo has been a dream come true for me. Uzalo is the biggest platform of them all and the highest storytelling platform in the country. I am thankful to get another chance to showcase my versatility as an actor because I do not want to be known as a one-dimension actor. Wizard gives me a chance to show that I can play other roles. He is one complex character. Working alongside Wiseman Ncube, playing the role of Sibonelo, and Masoja Msiza, who plays Nkunzi, has been amazing and looking forward to working with the cast and crew” – Nkanyiso Mchunu.

Do not miss Uzalo on weekdays at 20:30 only on SABC1 Mzansi FoSho!


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