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South African television and radio personality Carol Ofori has added published author to her already extensive resume after writing a series of six children’s books titled ‘The African Adventures of Sena and Katlego’. The book series, published by Lingua Franca Publishers, is a delightful and educational read for children which celebrates Africa and its various countries, landscapes, traditions and more.

The book series, illustrated by Sasha Richards, tells the story of a little boy named Sena and his magical teddy bear Katlego who visits family members in different countries on the continent. Geared at readers aged 4 – 12, the books celebrate the magic of Africa as Sena embarks on adventures to South Africa, Uganda, Chad, Egypt, eSwatini, and Ghana.

Now, after months of hard work bringing the exciting new book series to life, Carol Ofori is thrilled to announce that the books are officially on sale at book stores across the country.

“I am so excited that ‘The African Adventures of Sena and Katlego’ is finally out for the world to enjoy,” Carol says. “These books mean so much to me. I love the continent we live on with my entire being and I think the world needs more African story books for African kids by African authors.”

Carol adds that she hopes to close the gap when it comes to learning about and understanding the different cultures, languages and customs each African country brings. “Africa is such a diverse country and it has so much to offer. But, in my opinion, the people and their cultures are what makes Africa so great. Introducing young African children to the diversity of this beautiful continent was a driving force for me during the writing process and I am thrilled with the result. Seeing the books in stores is a dream come true for me and I am so excited about sharing these stories with children around the world.”

‘The African Adventures of Sena and Katlego’ are available at all good book stores now.


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