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What happens when four prospective wives move into the homes of their potential in-laws, with the hopes of receiving their blessing to marry their son?

Find out as Mzansi Magic's ground-breaking social experiment reality series, Makoti, Are You the One? returns for a second season on Sunday 26 March 2023, to give us a front-row seat as families journey through the cultural practice referred to as ‘ukukotiza’. The show provides a platform for dialogue around seeking approval from your in-laws before moving forward with the next phase of your relationship.

The process is also seen as a way to test the prospective wife's character and commitment to her future husband and his family despite challenging family dynamics. Makoti, Are You the One? opens the door to the trials and tribulations couples experience with their families.

Shirley Adonisi, Director of Local Entertainment Channels at M-Net says: “It has always been Mzansi Magic's success to air reality shows that are relatable to our viewers. Emo-tainment shows about love and marriage like Makoti, Are You the One? provide viewers with an entertaining, thought-provoking, and intimate look inside the lives of people who are experiencing a practice that's a very big part of our culture. We’re excited to bring back a show that resonates with our audiences and will no doubt keep our viewers entertained.”

This season, viewers will explore the opinions and tasks given to Refiloe, Pinky, Sophie and Wendy by their in-laws in order to determine whether the women are the appropriate fit for their potential families.

Refiloe approached Linda, a tavern owner and hip-hop DJ, as a groupie via Facebook six years ago. Refiloe is ready to walk down the aisle, but his family wants her to first help him take responsibility for the kids he had before they met.

Taking viewers to her in-law home in Jeppestown, while dealing with their trust issues, Pinky and Shaun, have been together since 2016, also face the struggle of convincing his mother that she’s not as ill-mannered and lazy as his mother believes her to be. How will she convince her mother-in-law that she’s not there to steal the family’s breadwinner?

Sophie is a 23-year-old team leader at an insurance company, in a relationship with 28-year-old Prince. The two met at university in 2019 – the same year she fell pregnant, and he ghosted her. In the wake of reuniting, his strict Ndebele family has made it clear that they prefer his ex-girlfriend.

And then there’s Wendy and Lorraine who met and started their office romance in 2018. Will their families bless their pending nuptials as the two learn to navigate their blended family and try to convince them that their same sex relationship is not a passing phase.

Despite the influence of their potential in-laws, can the women make their relationships work?

Tune into Makoti, Are You the One? on Mzansi Magic, DStv Channel 161, Sundays at 19:00 PM starting 26 March 2023.Keep an eye out for more details on Mzansi Magic’s social media channels, @mzansimagic.


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