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SABC1 announces a new documentary reality television series, Fooled By Love which will be broadcast on Mondays at 6 pm, starting on the 22nd of August 2022.

Fooled By Love features stories of people who have made sacrifices in the name of love, and these stories are told through a narrator.

In relationships, when two people are in love, it is often expected that they do crazy things, big and wild gestures, at times against their better judgment, all in the name of love! The sacrifices range from buying a boyfriend a car, rejecting family, friends, and children, co-signing to a multi-million-rand bond with a hot flame, splurging inheritance funds on plastic surgery, quitting a job, and high-end clothing, all in the name of love. Love or infatuation can make us do crazy things, but what happens when you wake up to the foolish decisions made in the drunken stupor of love and realize the decisions and ramifications were not genuinely yours but rather a consequence of being fooled by love?

In this show, lovers take us on the journey of what they did, gave, and lost while fooled by love. The viewers will re-live their mistakes to learn from their pitfalls on how the public can spot and avoid red flags in umjolo. The lovers humorously re-tell the story in hindsight to marvel at how love can dupe or dribble the best of us and how we can learn as we take the viewer through an epic love story.

The stories featured in the series include that of Andile, who had ambitious dreams of going to school, his sister sacrificing her life savings of R100 000 to give him the money to go to school, but love made him do stupid things. Sharlini, whose boyfriend swindled her and other girls of their hard-earned cash. Seth, who tries, to make sure that his girlfriend Naledi is happy, he went to extreme measures to make sure that he gets the money so that Naledi can start her business, having to pay off a loan of ±R150 000 because Naledi disappeared with the money. Bongekile, who paid for her own lobola, finds it hard to believe that her husband went behind her back and planned a secret wedding with another woman.

Realities on lock every Monday at 18:00 with Fooled By Love, starting the 22nd of August 2022 only on SABC1 Mzansi FoSho!


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