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The only things bigger than the cars, houses and jewels of Johannesburg North are the egos and bank accounts. But what is life really like behind the glitz and gold of the country’s rich and powerful?

Mzansi Magic’s new fictional dramatic comedy, Lavish follows the lives of a group of 30-something wealthy women as they navigate death, divorce and disaster – all while looking devilishly fabulous, of course.

Executive produced by celebrated actress Lulu Hela, it stars Jessica Nkosi (The Queen, Isibaya); Ayanda Bandla (Nqobile, A Zulu Christmas); stage actor Kanyi Nokwe (Gone Native, Sarafina in Black and White); Sdumo Mtshali (Isibaya, Blood Psalms); Mary-Anne Barlow (Legacy, The River); TV legend and advocate Nakedi Ribane (Inkaba, Ways of Dying); and renowned actor and MC Nolo Seabi, amongst others.

Set in the upmarket suburb of Kyalami, Lavish follows the lives of three very different women held together by the strong bond of their friendship. There will be love, laughter and tears and of course glamour, come rain or shine.

There’s Zozi (Jessica Nkosi) – Insta mommy, rich wife, and fabulous fashionista – who is juggling fame with family… and it’s not always pretty. She’s the one who knows where the bodies are buried – but will the skeletons come tumbling out of her designer closet?

Kat (Ayanda Bandla) is the ambitious workaholic juggling a thriving career, motherhood and dating. She comes from a prominent political family and has her sights set on the very top of the politics food chain. What could possibly go wrong?

And unlike her more polished friends, Nomzamo (Kanyi Nokwe) is a little rough around the edges, but that’s what makes her more fun. A fiercely fabulous vixen with new money to burn, she wants to build an empire – while her partner wants a dedicated wife. Can she be both?

Tune in every Friday night as we join the best friends in their relationships, friendships, careers, and witness their struggles to maintain the facades they’ve created of their perfect lives.

Don’t miss Lavish, premiering on Mzansi Magic (DStv Channel 161), Friday 4 November at 20:00.


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