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Nigerian superstar and Apple Music global Up Next alumni Burna Boy today released his sixth album 'Love, Damini.’

Burna Boy himself breaks down the new release for his Apple Music fans in the album notes:

After turning 30, birthdays seem to make you reflect on your life choices, or a lack thereof—your goals, dreams, hopes, achievements and fears.

Even though it put me in a vulnerable place, it also challenged me to do and feel more. I started working on a Punjab mixtape with the late great Sidhu Moose Wala, halfway through recording this project, because I needed to open my mind more.

I’m eternally grateful to him for that, and so, on this album, I thought about a few things:

“Start as you intend to finish.”

Shout-out to the iconic group from South Africa, the legendary Ladysmith Black Mambazo, for bringing their energy to tracks 1 and 19 (the beginning and end).

“Love is fragile.”

Relations and relationships are fragile; compartmentalising the different shades of grey around this concept in “For My Hand”, “Science” and “Last Last”. Hopefully this translates to you all.

“Expect nothing.”

Just don’t forget that life can feel like a cloak-and-dagger mission.

“Dream wildly and live intentionally.”

People may never get it, but do it anyway!

I want you to listen to this and feel like it’s a roller coaster ride. Catch a vibe, buss a whine, party like it’s your birthday, or even grab a tissue. I’ve got you, always.



Stream Burna Boy's 'Love, Damini' on Apple Music HERE


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