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SOCIAL media has found rapper Sizwe "Reason" Moeketsi and Luthando "LootLove" Shosha facing tough questions about their relationship.

This comes after the MetroFM show host Shosha posted a rather cute yet romantic snap of her and the rapper standing in the street, with the rapper giving her a peck on her cheek. And that was how the questions started rolling in on their timelines, with many asking whether Moeketsi was still married with two children since he last featured them on Vuzu reality show Rap Dads in 2014. "Me and @LootLove are finding our way and minding our own. Maybe you should go back to your perfect life and do the same," wrote Reason on Twitter on Sunday morning.

This comes after many months the pair have kept their relationship private but couldn't escape several media headlines since November 2015 when Daily Sun first reported about the couple being spotted smooching at a restaurant in Fourways. The pair denied this. It was followed by a string of headlines in March the following year which were sparked by an image posted by manager to Da Les and Nomuzi Mabena, Sbusisi Motloung when he posted a picture of the couple on Instagram. In a report by Timeslive, then Reason refused to comment on his private life stating: "If I ever decide to announce who I am dating I will do it in a song". And it seems rapper KO beat him to that announcement when he raps in DJ Vigilante's Bang Out track where he says: "The Reason for my Lootlove, mfana the chicks scream when I pull up". According to reports from SA Hip Hop Magazine the rapper has been going through a divorce from his wife. And last year he hinted in his song Yipikayay spitting about : "lost a good girl now I need a bad bae". This was followed by a tweet from Reason: "I'm learning that, divorce is never justifiable unless its mutual. No matter the reasoning, that 'forever promise', makes it a betrayal".

Moeketsi and Shosha tried being as discreet as possible. But love did it's thing creeping in with Loot posting a picture of the pair on Instagram in June last year where she wished the rapper a happy birthday. Then he too posted a sexy video from a shoot that Shosha was part of that also sent the rumor mill on a wild chase. When GabPostSA posted a snap of the couple yesterday on Twitter, seems some had opinions and rather unfounded information, which clearly upset Shosha. She tweeted, "You can have an opinion but don't run widdit as FACT when u have no idea what the truth is. Don't be surprised when you get regulated also. "Also, when you on the outside looking in...stay there. On the outside. If you mattered you'd know what's real and what isn't". One can't dismiss they make a hot couple and its about time love takes the lead in this industry.

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