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Chart-topping South African singer Makhadzi joins LootLove via FaceTime on Apple Music 1 to talk about her latest track, “Salungano (feat. Kabza De Small).” She also discusses her new album, African Queen, breaking streaming records — her 2020 album, Kokovha, is the most streamed South African Female Album on Apple Music in 2021 year to date — how she experiments with the amapiano wave, and the African artists she’d love to work with next.

Makhadzi on adapting to and experimenting with amapiano

LootLove: You also play with different sounds. You've obviously adapting to this incredible wave of amapiano. How has that been experimenting on the new sound?

Makhadzi: To me it was not difficult because I believe as an artist, I can sing anything as long as I get a right beat. And then the only thing I must do is to come up with a nice melody because I'm singing in my language. I'm using my language when I sing and most of the people they don't understand my language. But the only thing that I have to make sure [foreign language ] it's a nice melody with a nice beat.

Makhadzi on the meaning behind “Salungano” with Kabza De Small

“Salungano” is a storyteller actually. I was telling a story "yesterday I had a dream, I was with you, you were covering me and now am seeing you live. Just cover me live, I had a dream yesterday, I was with you, you were buying me drinks and now am seeing you live, please buy me drinks.” “Salungano” is a story teller.

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