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Apple Music 1’s The Dotty Show presents a two hour Amapiano Lifestyle radio special on Wednesday 1st December at 3pm UK (5pm South Africa time), in celebration of Africa’s hottest genre. The Amapiano Lifestyle special on The Dotty Show cover stars include: Scorpion Kings - DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small, as well as Lady Du and DBN Gogo.

The special episode will feature an exclusive DJ mix from Amapiano producer, songwriter, DJ and vocalist, Musa Keys, spotlighting some of his favourite tracks of the year from the genre and showcasing hits from his new album, TAYO. Musa Key’s Amapiano Lifestyle DJ Mix will be available to stream exclusively on Apple Music after the show along with DJ Mixes from South Africa and the continent’s hottest DJs.

Dotty will be premiering a new track by De Mthuda feat. Kabza Da Small, MalumNator and Da Muziqal Chef called “Khethile Khethile”, taken from his upcoming album, The Landlord 2.0.

Amapiano stars including DJ Maphorisa, Lady Du, Ch’cco, Aymos, Pabi Cooper, Slade and Felo Le Tee will also check in with Dotty to talk about the scene and play their latest singles, while Dotty will also feature new music from the likes of Mellow & Sleazy, MalumNator, MFR Souls, Major League DJz, Khanyisa and more!

“Irrespective of how crazy things have been over the past few months adapting to this new Covid lifestyle, Amapiano still managed to not only dominate the African sound, but also be in constant change, change which is very hard to keep up with.” - Ch’cco

“Amapiano is a fast-growing genre right now and not just in South Africa, but just globally. Just to reflect from years back we were very much sceptical if it should even be called a genre, or if it’s still going to be relevant today because it felt like a wave just passing with a trend. I’m happy how we’ve managed to solidify the sound and how we’ve managed to create more creativity in the sound and the uniqueness. The sound is solid now and the future of Amapiano is very bright, especially with the collaborations which are happening right now across the country and the recognition we are getting as Amapiano artists is so amazing.” - Aymos

"Amapiano has been growing for the past years, and this year alone the culture has expanded even bigger, younger guys are coming in like myself and trying to feed the culture with something new so we can open doors for other young talent that’s going to come in which is an amazing and beautiful thing to witness. We’re thankful to DJ Maphorisa and Kabza De Small and DBN Gogo as they are opening up the culture. I’m just happy and grateful that the world is embracing Amapiano.” - Felo Łe Tee:

"Amapiano is a genre which has taken huge growth in South Africa and I can now say the world. It’s growing, it grows every day and to think about where it actually started it’s actually crazy seeing as where Amapiano is taking artists now and feeding a lot of families. Every six months the genre is in a different space, the artists are entering different spaces and making crazy moves. I’m really keen on seeing where ‘Piano will be over the next 12 months… just grow us as a nation & recognition for South Africa in the music space globally. I’m really keen on seeing where it takes us as a nation." - Slade


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