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Mzansi Magic Launches Production of "Queen Modjadji": A Tribute to African Heritage.

Mzansi Magic has announced the starting of production for its up-coming Sunday night prime-time drama, "Queen Modjadji." This captivating narrative draws inspiration from the renowned Balobedu legendary rainmaker, the inaugural Queen Modjadji, whose lineage has reigned over Southern Africa's Lobedu clan for centuries.

Born to the throne and endowed with an elemental ancestral gift, her reign paved the way for a lineage of hereditary Queens. Her story unfolds as a saga of a matriarchal dynasty, wielding the power to manipulate clouds and summon rain, thereby earning the Balobedu royalty a distinguished place among Africa's most revered dynasties.

Produced by Rhythm World Productions for MultiChoice, work on Queen Modjadji is already in progress. The production team has been diligently researching and consulting with key stakeholders, tribal leaders, and academic experts. Scripting and casting for the series are nearing completion, with filming set to commence shortly.

Leading the production is renowned poet, playwright, and producer Duma Ndlovu, whose vision is to craft a series that immerses viewers in Lobedu culture and traditions. 

Ndlovu shared: “The earth, the elements, and the energy of humans connect in ways that are both physical and spiritual, both obvious and unseen. Queen Modjadji was a living embodiment of this, and so we will explore what this Royal title, and the women who’ve held it, have lived, sacrificed, lost, and achieved. And, at the same time, we want to be very entertaining – with a strong episodic storyline and historical detail set under unpredictable skies, where rain or storm, echoes what is happening in the lives of those below.”


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