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This season, the longest running on-screen narrative, Muvhango breaks new ground and remains synonymous with the introduction of promising newcomers to the entertainment industry. The show has cast a 96-year-old actress to successfully execute the role of Vho-Nyadzanga, who first appears on screen when she pops up on the royal chair in the palace and introduces herself to Lindelani after she gets the fright of her life. She is Lindelani’s guide, to assist her in becoming the renowned Vho-Nyadzanga which then becomes her highly respected name.

Vho-Nyadzanga and Lindelani start of on the wrong foot with a relationship driven by fear but as the show goes on, we see them starting to get along and Lindelani accepting the calling which takes the families by surprise.

The role of Vho-Nyadzanga is played by Gogo Tshinakaho Mananga , an energetic woman in her 90’s that hails from Thenzhani village where she resides with her daughter-in-law and her grandchildren. Hers, was an ordinary life until she submitted herself to be photographed as an extra on Muvhango on a Venda location shoot. She ticked all the boxes that the production was looking for, which made her the perfect candidate for the role.

“I prayed for Muvhango to call me back with a role” she says, “and shortly my prayers were answered,” she added. Gogo Mananga charms everyone with her passion and discipline and excels in her role. Her breakthrough serves as a glorious reminder that you’re never too old to pursue your dreams and when you finally do…? Give it your best and nothing less!

Catch Gogo Mananga as Vho-Nyadzanga on Muvhango every Monday to Friday at 9PM on SABC 2 (DStv channel 192).


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