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Apple Music’s Home Session features reimagined signature songs and thoughtful covers and today, South African soulful pop singer-songwriter, Lloyiso (real name Loyiso Gijana) releases his own stripped down Home Session.

“The process of working on these songs was one of the longest and most soul-searching journeys I’ve ever had to go through,” Lloysio tells Apple Music. “I’ve seen myself grow from just writing from off the top of my head, to the bottom of my heart. I’ve realized that it’s more about me being vulnerable than just writing something to be cool. I feel like I know myself now more than I ever have.”

The Home Session EP, available to stream on Apple Music in Spatial Audio, features three exclusive unplugged tracks from the singer, “What Would I Say” and “Give a Little Kindness”, off his long-anticipated debut EP "Seasons" (2023), and a cover of American rock singer Bruce Hornsby’s weighty classic, ”The Way It Is”.

“I selected ‘What I Would Say’ because it was one of those songs that started out with just a piano, and it felt complete even with just the piano before adding anything else. ‘Give A Little Kindness’ was selected because it speaks about freeing yourself from your thoughts and understanding that life is how it is, and you just have to deal with and accept it. Doing this song stripped back gives the listeners more connection to the lyrics, and brings out another emotional side of the song,” he says.

“I chose to cover ‘The Way It Is’ because growing up it’s been one of my favourite songs that I’ve always wanted to make my own version of, because it relates so much to how the world has evolved and how music has brought people together.”

Lloyiso’s enthralling journey from SA Idols contestant to viral social media sensation, has won the hearts and imaginations of people all over the world, and the emotional honesty of his music, intensified by pop-rooted gravitas of his debut album Seasons, has made him a bonafide pop star.

Discover this exclusive Apple Music Home Session EP today that sees Lloyiso’s lyrical vulnerability amplified by the stripped down nature of this intimate record process.


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