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Amsterdam-based singer-songwriter Joya Mooi has shared her new single “You Know Me Well By Now”, reuniting with producer Sim Fane for another hypnotising cut of modern R&B. Part of a series of impressive releases dropped throughout 2021, Joya’s latest track weaves through a lushious, kaleidoscopic soundscape as her angelic vocals effortlessly shine through. It’s a slick, down-tempo offering that finds Joya ruminating over the perception of people and the assumptions that we make of others, as well as the ones created about us. Joya Mooi explains - "I think as people we do many things, sending out mixed messages, avoiding difficult questions or having ”off days” - so it only makes sense that most people don’t get to meet the ‘real’ you. Society is changing a lot, and it looks like people are becoming more hesitant to learn something themselves. I don’t know if it’s fear of trying or if it just seems easier to be detached by default. But it is something that has been on my mind lately.” Working closely with accomplished producer Sim Fane, Joya Mooi is steadily making her mark on the modern wave of R&B. Blending alternative R&B with jazz, soul and electronic sounds with a heavenly vocal ability, she’s received support from BBC Radio 1Xtra’s Jamz Supernova, Rinse FM’s Jyoty and Dutch Radio station 3FM to name a few. Also covered by publications including The Line Of Best Fit, Vogue NL, NOTION, The Native, CLASH, Metal magazine and many more, she’s an artist with fierce creativity and full of promise. As she moves towards 2022 with strong momentum, Joya Mooi’s star continues to rise.


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