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Apple Music has added eight new playlists to their already extensive collection, as part of Apple Music Africa's vision to represent all regions, genres and scenes across Sub-Saharan Africa.

The much-anticipated additions to the Apple Music African playlist ecosystem include Hits Afrique, Afro Folk, Bongo Flava, Africa’Jazznation, Afro Fusion, Rap Ivoire, Afrikaans in Spatial Audio and Afrobeats in Spatial Audio.

Hits Afrique brings together the biggest tracks from across Francophone Africa, while Afro Folk combines elements of African storytelling with neo-soul and alternative sounds.

Bongo Flava showcases tracks that fuse Western modes of R&B and hip-hop, dancehall, Afrobeats, traditional Taarab and Dansi sounds, while the new Rap Ivoire playlist highlights Côte d’Ivoire’s burgeoning hip-hop scene and reflects the new realities of urban life.

Afro-Fusion brings together the sonic traditions of styles like Soukous and Ndombolo with R&B, pop, jazz and hip-hop. In the same token, Africa Jazznation houses a cross section of contemporary African Jazz, alongside notable collaborations that transcend the continent's borders.

And finally, Apple Music has also launched Afrobeats in Spatial Audio and Afrikaans in Spatial Audio playlists, creating an immersive listening experience and featuring premiere artists in each genre.

Listen to the playlists below.

Afrobeats in Spatial Audio:

Afrikaans in Spatial Audio:


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