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Cover Star Interview

Nigerian alté pioneer BOJ joins LootLove via FaceTime on Apple Music 1 to talk about his latest collab with ENNY, “Culture.” He also discusses his new album, ‘Gbagada Express,’ discovering new collaborators while playing FIFA, and finding time to create new music with DRB Lasgidi.

The Big 5

LootLove shares the 5 hottest new African tracks of the moment. This week’s selection includes new tracks from Kwesi Arthur, Tayc feat. Adekunle Gold, Killertunes, Mellow & Sleazy & Justin99, and Nanette.

Africa Rising

Nigerian singer-songwriter Khaid is the latest artist featured from Apple Music’s Africa Rising playlist, a campaign which shines a light on the next generation of African superstars, and this week’s show features his singles, “SKI,” and “WITH YOU.” Listen HERE.

Loot Loves

Each week, LootLove chooses her favourite track, taken from one of Apple Music’s African playlists. This week she spotlights Zambian-Batswana singer-songwriter Sampa The Great and her track, “Black Girl Magik (feat. Nicole Gumbe),” featured alongside all of LootLove’s selections on Apple Music’s LootLoves playlist. Listen HERE.

Tune in and listen to the full episode this Friday April 22nd at 9a Lagos/London / 10a Johannesburg/Paris / 1a LA / 4a NYC on Apple Music 1 at

BOJ on excitement working with Obongjayar

The person I was really excited to work with the most was actually Obongjayar, who I discovered on FIFA. I think it was FIFA 2019 that he had a song on, and I just loved the song so much and I’m always like “Damn who is this guy?” Then one day, I’m in Lagos and I get a call that Obongjayar wants to link up. Oh sh*t, ok let’s do this! I link up with him, I bring him to my studio, right here, in Gbagada, and yeah, I was mind blown. It’s a different kind of sound, you know, and I attacked the beat in a different way completely.

BOJ on the progress of the alté movement

It’s amazing what’s happened with this whole thing. It’s just shown that there’s a lot of people dying to express themselves without boundaries, and now that they’ve seen that these are the guys doing it, and doing it how they like, they’ve all started to do that so like, it’s just grown, it’s just become bigger. It’s like a larger population of people expressing themselves freely, so it’s amazing to see.

The dynamics keep changing, people keep pushing the boundaries. There’s basically no boundaries any more, so like we’re just being extremely creative and it’s completely wild, I love it.

BOJ on future DRB Lasgidi music

We’re actually trying to work on a little EP, like three to five songs. We’re still going to do another album, but right now Teezee has been working on his project, I’ve been working on my project and Fresh L’s actually working on a R&B album right now, that’s one of his things, he’s trying to do a R&B album. Between now and then everyone’s just busy so we’re just going to try to do a small compilation, and then focus. Every time we focus on DRB stuff, everyone halts everything else and we go straight in.



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