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Meet Your Host: Mpho 'Popps' Modikoane for the 11th Savanna Comics' Choice Comedy Awards

When you combine the indomitable spirit of hopeful and determined South Africans with a nation poised on the edge, brimming with pride over its recent accomplishments, add an election year into the mix, and sprinkle in the largest annual gathering of comedic talent in South Africa, what do you get? The Savanna Comics’ Choice Comedy Awards, of course.

Themed ‘You Think You Know South Africa’, the 11th edition of this event is not just an awards ceremony; it's a comedic extravaganza set against the backdrop of our beautiful yet tumultuous country.

Hosting this year's awards show is Mpho Popps, who remarks, “Much like our country, our comedy scene has faced its challenges, requiring everyone to pitch in and rebuild. Just as South Africa relies on us to move it forward, we comedians draw from the daily chaos for material, so it's fitting that we give back in our own hilarious yet affectionate manner.”

Set to take place at the Lyric Theatre, Gold Reef City on Saturday, April 13, attendees can anticipate a glitzy affair brimming with trophies, sketches, punchlines, and satire, featuring a star-studded lineup of previous award-winners and A-list celebrities.

Joining Mpho on stage will be comedy luminaries such as Celeste Ntuli, Khanyisa Bunu, and Robby Collins, promising an evening filled with stand-up gold as the winners of the 12 prestigious award categories take center stage. Instead of traditional acceptance speeches, each recipient will deliver five minutes of stand-up, ensuring a night of laughter and comedic brilliance.

Tickets are now available for the 2024 Savanna Comics’ Choice Comedy Awards, promising an evening of laughter and celebration of South Africa's finest comedians. So, if you're in need of a good laugh, don your best black tie attire with a South African twist and secure your spot for a night of comedic brilliance!


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