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Kahn Morbee has built an incredibly vast fanbase through the release of his previous two solo records: ‘Salt’ and ‘A Noise In The void’. ‘A World At Suicide’ is the 3rd Studio album release from Kahn Morbee, due for release on September 23rd, and is available now to pre-save with ‘All The Beauty’ unveiled as the first single released from the album.

Kahn talks about “All The Beauty” and what the writing process and inspiration behind the single was, sayingThe opening lines of this song was changed to reflect the covid context that caused me delaying the release of the album. 'There's a scarecrow standing in the middle of the street (metaphor for covid) everyone's playing hide-and-seek (lockdown) .... every day seems exactly the same (extended lockdown).' The gist of the song is accepting that life is a series of ups and downs and despite the numerous hurdles we face, the experience of life itself is a beautiful one, even though it's immensely flawed and sometimes because it's immensely flawed. Flaws and beauty are ultimately subjective.”

For Kahn, the album titled ' A World at Suicide' could possibly be the title for an album in every generation where man exists, because for him it seems as long as we've been roaming the world we've been trying to destroy each other, ourselves and the planet. BUT Kahn would like to believe that amidst all that chaos, kindness generally prevails.

On the album itself, Kahn is excited to finally have it released next month!

The album was actually ready in March 2020, so the plan was to release and tour it in June/July 2020 and then covid struck and I decided to park the album. Whilst 'parking' the album, and with time on my hands I began to tinker: add parts and subtract parts. Whilst 'fiddling' I realised that the album lacked a cohesive thread, something that glued it all together so that the listener would know that there was a certain 'something' that gave the songs a collective personality. I had bought a Korg synthesiser / vocoder years ago and decided that I was going to use that as the sonic glue and so you'll hear smatterings of vintage synth and vocoder voices throughout the album. Had covid halted my release this bit of tinkering may not have happened. I feel it adds a little sparkle to the album that indicates that these 12 songs originate from the same zip code.”


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