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Kahn More. PIC CRED: Chashish

Just in time for Valentine’s, Kahn Morbee releases ‘She Takes Me Home’ as the latest single from his current studio album ‘A World at Suicide’. The single is released alongside the lyric video for the track. Kahn talks about ‘She Takes Me Home’ and what the inspiration behind the single was, saying “I’m a big fan of Fleetwood Mac. I struggled to learn the picking pattern for ‘Landslide’ - Once I did, I decided to write a song with that pattern. It’s the living-proof process of how artists learn and create, and better articulated by Clark Terry, ‘Imitate, assimilate and innovate’ - we borrow from our influencers and create something new. A sea of inspirational artists provides lego pieces so that we can mould our creations. This song is both an ode to mother nature and the many women in my life (wife, grandmother, sister, aunts, cousins) that have provided me with so much. Home is a metaphor of all the great qualities they shared with me that offer some sort of a compass that recalibrates your purpose and defines your virtues.” ‘She Takes Me Home’ is the latest single from Kahn Morbee’s current studio album ‘A World at Suicide’. The 12-track album is arguably Kahn’s finest solo work to date and a must-listen for any music lover.

Listen to Kahn Morbee’s album ‘A World at Suicide’:


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