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Hospitals are places of both trauma and hope, where a single decision can save a life or end it. Wounds, the gripping new 1Magic medical drama, captures the tightrope that medical professionals walk daily, all while they grapple with the complexities of being human.

Coming to your screens in October, Wounds is set in the fictional Healing Hands Hospital, where nurses and doctors dedicate their lives to helping others. It is where we meet Busisiwe, a new intern who is understandably nervous – but for reasons that have more to do with the past she is running away from and is keeping secret from everyone around her.

The impressive Wounds cast features recognisable as well as up-and-coming faces, with Samke Makhoba (actress from MTV Shuga series) in the lead role as Busisiwe. Joining her are Ayanda Borotho, actor and presenter Buyile Mdladla, Talitha Ndima and Eve Rasimeni, amongst others.

Busisiwe isn’t the only one fighting her demons while fighting to save lives – her colleagues all have their own unhealed wounds that affect their everyday and working selves. Their hands might be healing, but they can also bring harm to others, each other and to themselves? Will the nurses and doctors at Healing Hands manage to help those around them without letting their sometimes-shaky judgement destroy everything they’ve worked for?

Watch Wounds on 1Magic (DStv Channel 103) on Fridays starting 8 October at 21:30.


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