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Apple Music is shining the spotlight on the passion and perseverance of South Africa’s next generation this Youth Month through its widely celebrated YVNG & FREE campaign.

June in SA is recognised as Youth Month and on the 16th of June, commonly known as Youth Day, South Africans honour the young people who led a movement for societal change in 1976, and the ones who are blazing a new trail 46 years later.

Featuring Lloyiso, Nanette, Will Linley, Bernice West, Money Badoo, Khanyisa, Angie oeh, Kashcpt, Scumie and Mlindo The Vocalist, Apple Music’s YVNG & FREE celebrates South Africa’s emerging artists who are at the vanguard of a new South Africa.

“These tracks define being young and free because they talk about the everyday experiences of being young, and the feeling of caring less about what everybody thinks. These songs bring out the very vulnerable side about what we go through as young people, that we don’t always talk about.” - Lloyiso

“I made this Apple Music playlist with the intention of highlighting artists all over the world that I think have a great way of speaking about relevant topics in their music. And beyond that I think every song featured in this playlist is brilliant and so are all the artists here, shaping their futures and the futures of all listeners really with their art. I think that’s really honourable. Also, you have to play this on shuffle.” - Nanette

“These are some of the young South African artists I look up to on a daily basis. I have quickly discovered how much it takes to try and make music a full time career and so for every young artist putting a part of themselves out into the world and embracing the vulnerability that comes along with it, I salute you! That is what makes this Apple Music playlist a ‘YVNG & FREE’ playlist to me.” - Will Linley

"These are the artists that do not only inspire but recreate the future in the music industry!” - Bernice West

“The tracks I choose all embody being young and free because they’re made by artists who are unapologetically authentic, creative and free spirited! Happy to be part of a generation of free thinkers and doers who push the envelope day in and day out.” - Money Badoo

“This Apple Music playlist is the ultimate key to freedom as it has songs to jump start my day. These songs don’t only have great beats but have empowering messages for me, and that’s the freedom I need!" - Khanyisa

“Overall these artists have a nice flow and make music I love. I like music with no message, music that's made for chilling and vibing and being fresh and free. These artists push boundaries and say whatever they want. I love that. Peace." - Angie oeh

“Really excited for this opportunity and to be chosen for YVNG & FREE, it’s special when music is made for the youth by the youth, even though music is for everyone.” - Kenza

“I put together these songs because I feel there are necessary keys for my peers to take from this. These songs speak in times that are hard and empower the listener with substance.” - Kashcpt

“These tracks showcase the current new wave that defines being young and free, with lyrics on these tracks expressing the freeness of the young artists. This new wave of artists are catering to the current youth, and these artists are coming in with the new and out with the old.” - Scumie

“Freedom can only happen when we work together. We have exciting young artists working together, inspired by those that came before them. It’s a privilege to be part of this creative generation and look forward to creating freedom with other young musicians.” - Mlindo The Vocalist


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