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Apple Music launches the latest instalment of its Visionary Women campaign which aims to highlight the women that have shaped, shifted and enriched the local and global music landscape.

Now in its third year, Apple Music’s Visionary Women Collection will house the playlists of South Africa’s trailblazers, pioneers and disruptors: Zozi Tunzi, Janie Bay, Amanda Black, Demi Lee Moore, Jackie Queens, Azana, Moonchild Sanelly, LootLove, Buhlebendalo, Makhadzi, Tshiamo and Nomcebo Zikode who have all created playlists of their ultimate female anthems.

“My Apple Music playlist features timeless creators who constantly reinvent themselves in the most magical ways. They also remind me of very beautiful moments of my life that lead to growth. These are also artists I can’t wait to see live in concert when this pandemic is 'over’.” – Luthando “LootLove” Shosha

“Being a visionary woman in 2021 for me means we have to be bolder than we have been to push through the broken narratives of women and breakthrough to the minds and hearts of young women still finding themselves, encouraging critical thinking and emotional intelligence. Being a visionary woman means recognising the power in our femininity and transforming the notion that women need to be masculine to lead. As highly intuitive beings, women are able to see beyond, but only when they see themselves. This Apple Music playlist represents a limited collection of some of my favourite female talents across the world.” – Amanda Black

“Being a visionary woman in our time is taking the baton from the strong women who came before us. Not letting their good work go to waste and using our voice to make a change in the world.” – Demi Lee Moore

“To me, being a visionary woman in this current climate, is living a life led by values. I say that because the world is changing dramatically daily. Plans are disrupted in the blink of an eye. Being a visionary woman means using values as a compass instead of binding yourself to identities that can disappear in an instant. No matter what happens or how the tide turns if you remain consistent, kind to yourself, ambitious, bold or any one of the myriad positive attributes one can have in life and apply those to whatever you do, even if your course changes you’ll weather the storm while sowing seeds for the future. Right now, the visionary woman is adaptive and daring.” – Jackie Queens

“There is nothing more endearing to me than someone who spends time perfecting their craft and shares the most vulnerable parts of themselves. I am inspired by their determination to remain true to themselves. I could wax lyrical about how I have seen some of these women pursue their dreams relentlessly, against all odds. Not to glamourize struggle, an indie career is difficult to pursue. To see it done with grace and integrity while remaining a good person is beautiful to me.” – Buhlebendalo

“I wanted to take you on a journey with my music and the inspirations behind it - from the commercial dance hits to my singing tunes you may not know me for. The songs I’ve selected are from incredibly strong women, owning their bodies, twerking it out, and hits that make us twerk some more so we can own our bodies while dancing on the table!” – Moonchild Sanelly

“A visionary woman is a woman who is not scared to go where others have not yet. She understands the power of authenticity and possesses a bravery to go against the grain. She is not bound by the status quo and always navigates in her truth. Being visionary has enhanced my own personal journey and career in more ways than one. It unlocked a level of bravery in myself that I never knew I possessed. The magical thing is that we all have it within us to be bold and to dare to dream.”- Zozi Tunzi

“I think the golden thread is “authenticity”. Music and melodies that speak to me and move my heart and soul deeply. I have personally drawn from these women from a young age up until now and applied it to my own songs and career.”- Janie Bay

“They pushed despite what people said about them and always stayed true to themselves and know who they are. Each of the artists inspire me in different ways, DJ Tira is someone that is a music genius but also someone who gives back to the community. That's one thing I’ve always admired, he is always ready to advise and mentor upcoming artists. All these artists have one thing in common and that is they never forget where they come from and they didn’t change even after the fame. They are out there answering each call they were called to.” - Makhadzi

“South African women are game changers, influential and hardworking. I’ve seen this in my mother, friends, and social media where women run their own beauty, clothing and corporate businesses. I am constantly being motivated by women around me and am a proud South African woman.” - Azana

“I’d have to say the idea that being a woman is a biological birth right. Womanhood is far more deep and vast than physical appearance - it’s intuitive, spiritual and effervescent. Each time youth [come] together, a different life experience comes along and pushes you to be an even better version of woman.” – Tshiamo Modisane

Apple Music 1’s Africa Now Radio will also be airing a special episode on 8 August to celebrate Women’s Day, featuring tracks from Mzansi’s top female artists as well as a special guest artist sharing her thoughts on what being a visionary woman means to her.

To celebrate the achievements of South Africa’s female artists, Apple Music has also announced Lady Du, Makhadzi, DBN Gogo, Elaine and Shekhinah as the most streamed SA Female Artists, Kokovha by Makhadzi as the most streamed Mzansi Female Album and Dakiwe by Lady Du & DBN Gogo as the most streamed SA song from a female artist. Apple Music is also launching a Top Mzansi Women Playlist featuring the women who have dominated the charts so far in 2021.

Discover Apple Music’s Visionary Women Collection:

Discover Apple Music’s Top Mzansi Women Playlist:

Discover the music that inspires SA's foremost female figures below:

Zozi Tunzi: Visionary Women:

Janie Bay: Visionary Women:

Amanda Black: Visionary Women:

Demi Lee Moore: Visionary Women:

Jackie Queens: Visionary Women:

Azana: Visionary Women:

Moonchild Sanelly: Visionary Women:

LootLove: Visionary Women:

Buhlebendalo: Visionary Women:

Makhadzi: Visionary Women

Tshiamo: Visionary Women:

Nomcebo Zikode: Visionary Women:


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