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Fashion brand, AMEN Fashion this week launched AMEN KIDZ their latest capsule collection into the local kids fashion space. Originally created by designer duo Abiah Mahlase and Brad Muttitt in 2012, the brand has been a pioneering destination for pushing the boundaries in men and woman’s fashion for almost a decade and with the launch of their latest bold and fiery collection AMEN KIDZ, the label presents a bright and colourful collection for the littlest fashionistas in the market.

AMEN KIDZ Abiah Mahlase designer said: “The label is designed with fashionable kidz in mind with exceptional consideration for their need to be the coolest and best-dressed kidz on the block. The label is designed for kidz who are not afraid to stand out in the crowd. Kidz who love fashion and believe that fashion should be fun and not only cool but super cool. The AMEN KIDZ dare to be different. They are Superstars who love only the best. This collection is for KIDZ who are showstoppers. They are true AMEN FASHION KIDZ”.

Each item comes with a tracking number as limited quantities of each edition of style will be produced making this lovable collection a must have for any fashionable little boy or girl. The collection includes the signature AMEN KNOCKOUT PUFFER jacket paired up with a matched with a AMEN ZIP IT CAT SUITE. New styles will be added regularly and more sizes will be available each season. The garments are available online from R250 to R500 per garment.


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