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Being an independent artist can be heavy on the pocket, especially when it comes to shooting a good quality music video. But nothing has ever stopped SEVVEN from achieving perfection in his work. A fast learner, the local musician has been dabbling in the art of film production.

With the launch of his follow-up single Fight for Love, a music video was needed, giving SEVVEN the opportunity to put his new and self-taught skills to the test.

He says, “We initially had a production company that was going to do it, but we had some scheduling challenges. I've been learning about film for quite some time, with the aim of one day shooting a music video myself. Being a firm believer to just go with the flow when it comes to life, I thought that this is a great time to dive in all the way. I'm really proud of how this video came out.”

He continues, “Everything was planned very well before I started shooting, so going in I knew exactly what I wanted. I spent a lot of time creating test shots with some of the vfx shots, so that while filming, I knew how it would work. I ended up spending a week editing the eyes, which was the most intense part of the process.”

Once again SEVVEN proves his brillance. The music video is nothing short of extraordinary. The video depicts the telling story of a blindness we all carry in our lives but are not aware of. We are so comfortable with how things are, even though they could be better. In the video, SEVVEN opens our eyes to a better world, a light that shines so bright it infiltrates the hearts of thousands. Similarly, this echoes the lyrics in the song, which suggests the importance to Fight for Love.

A power ballad that will bring you to your knees, Fight for Love was released through RADA Unearthed, the music division of the non-profit company RADA. Their main purpose is to give artists a platform to showcase their talent and spread a message of hope through music and this song does exactly that. - release by Genevieve Vieira PR

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