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kahn Morbee and Karen Zoid

One big name on a hit single is great, but when you bring two superstar voices together you get something special.

When people talk Kahn Morbee or Karen Zoid, the first thing that comes to mind is successful musicians that have been providing fans with memorable music for close on two decades.

But something that many people may never have envisaged has happened - these two icons of South African music have teamed up to create their first collaboration masterpiece with the release of We Could Be Divine.

Written backstage on-set of The Voice SA between rehearsals and recorded in the now iconic Bellville Studios under the creative guidance of Theo Crous, Kahn and Karen have created a track that they feel embellishes beauty in a world of chaos that they hope many people can associate with.

"Teaming up with Karen has been an awesome experience and the song creation was entirely organic and effortless, - she's become a great friend and the process of working together will be a memory I cherish forever" said Morbee.

"Working on the Voice SA together allowed us to morph in to each other's creative spaces - and between rehearsals and everything else, we worked on different ideas and in the end we came with something that we are both looking forward to sharing with the world"

Karen is one of South Africa’s premier female rock artists, coach on The Voice SA and currently hosts her own talk show Republiek van Zoid Afrika on KykNet.

Kahn rose to fame as the front man of legendary South African band The Parlotones and launched his solo career in 2015 with the release of his first single, The Candle from his debut album Salt. Kahn currently sits alongside Karen, Bobby van Jaarsveld and Lira as a coach on The Voice SA.

We Could Be Divine is available on iTunes and currently sits in fourth place on the charts. - release by MC Agency

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