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Afro House pioneer and DJ, Boddhi Satva (real name Armani Kombot-Naguemon) as the next Isgubhu cover star.

To celebrate, Satva has also created an exclusive Isgubhu playlist that champions Africa’s burgeoning Afro House scene.

“This selection for Apple Music is a glimpse into the various sounds and identities of the African Dance scene and my selection is focused on Afro House, a sound that has seen the light of day a little over 40 years ago with different names but a sound that has since never ceased to evolve into so many different forms of itself. I am surely missing a lot of tunes but nonetheless, you shall be able to hear some Ancestral Soul off of my upcoming album Manifestation as well as some Afro House, Afro Tech, Afro-Soul, Afrobeats, and Amapiano,” he tells Apple Music.

The release of his highly-anticipated new concept album Manifestation (2022), available to stream on Apple Music in Spatial Audio, is the conclusion of a trilogy of releases from the Central African Republic-born DJ that have spanned a decade, completing the first cycle of his Ancestral Soul sound. Anchored by the uplifting first singles “Storiá Storiá” featuring Cape Verde-born singer, ÉLLÀH and “Kilulu” featuring Spilulu, H. Baraka, and Kaysha, Manifestation is an amalgamation of genres from R&B, soul, trap and Amapiano, that’ll take the listener on a cross-continental journey.

Taking over Isgubhu By…. for this month is Kenyan-South African composer, producer and filmmaker, BŪJIN (Dani Kyengo O’Neill).

“My selection is a mix from around the continent of artists whose sounds are vast and infectious. I’m very selective and sensitive with whom I share the music I listen to, so these 10 projects are close to my heart. I’ve been following these artists for years or just started bumping one or two recently, some I listen to in my downtime or when I’m vibing, when I’m rollerblading or hyping myself up, taking a bath and minding my business - all of them deserving of their flowers.”

Launched in early 2021, Isgubhu is the definitive home of African Dance and Electronic music on Apple Music and spotlights and elevates the work of African Electronic DJs, producers and creatives. Isgubhu, a Zulu word meaning beat and used to refer to a banging song, pays homage to an evergreen set of genres and the African artists who have played a pivotal role in shaping the Dance and Electronic scene across the world.

Isgubhu also houses a collection of playlists including Spotlight On - a focus on boutique labels like Soul Candi, House Afrika, Stay True Sounds and Uganda’s Hakuna Kulala & Nyege Nyege Tapes and Isgubhu Voices - a focus on the best Dance and Electronic tracks that feature vocals.

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