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BBC Lifestyle (DStv channel 174) and BBC news (DStv channel 400) gives you front row seats to the crowning of His Majesty King Charles III alongside Queen Camilla, in a historic Coronation at Westminster Abbey.

BBC lifestyle will be bringing, two documentaries, concert with a performance by South Africa’s very own Pretty Yende. Viewers will also see the live event which will follow the parade from Buckingham Palace known as ‘The King’s Procession.’ After the Service, the newly crowned King and Queen Consort will return to Buckingham Palace in ‘The Coronation Procession ’, in which they will be joined by other Members of the Royal Family. Audiences will witness the newly crowned monarchs as they do their balcony appearance.

DStv will bring this world event closer to its viewers in the below times:

BBC Lifestyle (DStv Channel 174)

  • Born To Be King – documentary – 5 May, 20:00 CAT and 6 May 7:00 CAT

  • The Coronation of Their Majesties – Live event – 6 May, 8:30 CAT until 16:30 CAT

  • Charles R: The Making of a Monarch – documentary – 6 May, 20:00

  • Sing for the King – event – 7 May, 17:20

  • The Coronation of their Majesties: Highlights - Recorded as Live – 7 May, 19:30 CAT

  • The Coronation Concert – Live event – 7 May, 21:00 CAT

BBC News (DStv Channel 400)

  • The Coronation of Their Majesties – Live event – 6 May, 8:30 CAT

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