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R&B and pop songstress Shekhinah has finally dropped her sophomore album Trouble in Paradise after facing several delays in terms of its initial release date last year.

The 12-track project, initially scheduled for a 2020 release, is the official follow-up to Shekhinah's 2017 debut album Rose Gold, and captures the evolution of her sound. Featured on the album are Una Rams, Luke Goliath and Bey T.

Trouble In Paradise album is a story of finding and losing love. Each track threads through different episodes of an internal journey of pain, loss, recovery and finally, the acceptance of self as the only source of love. The album is certainly more experimental than Rose Gold and crosses genres to include, even, dance music.

The sophomore album consists of a popular song Fixate which is an upbeat number about self-love, featuring Bey T. Other tracks people might grow to love is Tides and Pick Up featuring Una Rams which are slower and more sensual. Shekhinah stayed true to her signature sound on I Love It Here which is a nostalgic song that sees her going down memory lane to precious memories.


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