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With Heritage day coming up next week, this week G-Star RAW has announced that they will be celebrating the creative expression of Rap and Hip-Hop in South Africa, by featuring local artists Shane Eagle, Moozlie, YoungstaCPT and Courtnaé Paul in their premium Exclusives by G-Star RAW collection.

According to the brand, these artists are a perfect fit to the brand’s “Hardcore Denim” - a campaign with icon Snoop Dogg, helmed by a custom-made version of Snoop’s soundtrack single ‘Say it Witcha Booty’. Hand picked by local merchant the four locals are each said to be "an expressive independent, pushing boundaries in the music industry" and are continually reinventing themselves and merge worlds in unexpected ways.

Speaking on the impact US rapper Snoop has had on South African artists, this is what the talent had to say:

YoungstaCPT: “Snoop Dogg had a global impact on Hip Hop culture because he was so different. While everyone was hardcore in their delivery and shouting to get the point across, Snoop said the same thing, but smoother, so it set him apart. His style and charisma also made him impossible to ignore.”

Shane Eagle: “I was born in ’96 when Snoop was moulding the future of Hip Hop for kids like me to grow into and to be inspired by till this day. For me, it was more of the ideology of how to come into the rap game, the need to rep who you are and where you’re from, so your growth can be tracked from that introduction. This is something you will see in my early work.”

Moozlie, who has previously interviewed the rapper while on Snoop Lion tour in SA said "he was easily one of the most famous, but coolest people" she’d ever met.

Courtnaé Paul: “Not only has Snoop helped shape the culture that my life revolves around, but he has also done everything from DJ’ing to making cocktails and that’s the kind of person I am. Living life authentically, to the fullest with no boundaries.”

G-Star RAW teamed up with award-winning, contemporary, multimedia visual artist, Trevor Stuurman for creative direction and photography of these artists. The artists are showcased wearing the Exclusives by G-Star RAW collection across multiple platforms including broadcast partners Yfm, Trace Urban and Trace Africa.

The collection will go in store in South African for the first time in 2022, while limited edition items are now available online.


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