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Welcome to season 1 of S'jola Sonke – a show that is going to give viewers a new perspective to dating and relationships, with a twist!

The show produced by Brightfire Pictures, which is expected to light up Sunday TV viewing from the second week of April, presents a candid, unscripted, and edgy look at 21st century mjolo in Mzansi as couples and singles redefine love and monogamy.

So what do we mean by S’jola Sonke? Three couples and 17 singles, who believe in having more than two people in an intimate relationship, embark on a four-week journey to find love. The couples and singles openly date each other until they find their ideal combination, or for some, combinations. If singles fail to make a connection with any of the couples, they run the risk of being kicked out.

The show is hosted by Kope Makgae, also known as Tsywza whilst supported by registered clinical psychologist Anele Siswana. S’jola Sonke explores variety of relationships from dating to engaged to married.

On the show, among a mix of love complications, there's the new-age couple who after dating for eight years are explorers and don’t have any boundaries, or do they? There's also the new-found couple who met on December 17 2022 and were engaged fourteen days later – debating the mechanics of s’thembu in their relationship. And finally, there's the adventurous couple, been together for two years friends who became lovers,. It’s all about more Mjolo and less Mgowo.

Watch S'jola Sonke to find out whether the couples will succeed in finding true love with the singles or if the search continues .

Tune into S'jola Sonke on Mzansi Magic DStv Channel 161, from Sunday, 9 April 2023 at 21:00 PM.


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