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Global fashion brand Ipanema today announced their latest partnership with South African personality Minnie Dlamini for their upcoming SS21 campaign ‘Summer Belongs to Ipanema’ launching into market this month.

With summer fast approaching, the 100% recyclable Vegan brand is all about creating the most unforgettable memories with your loved ones. For Ipanema, summer is more than a season, it's a state of mind that allows you to conquer.

The partnership with Minnie Dlamini is a perfect fit, and allows the chic brand to accompany you, and adapt to any situation and place you find yourself in this summer. Basically, wherever the summer takes you, Ipanema has got you.

Inspired by Brazilian beach culture, Ipanema is fun, chic and colourful with every collection brimming with the happy and exotic spirit of summer. The new Ipanema collection consists of a variety of styles that includes bright colours & attractive styles that are both exotic and bold & are guaranteed to make them the focal part of your beach outfit. Perfectly fitting for the colourful lifestyle that South African culture is well known for!

"To be the face of a brand that encompasses the summer beach girl that I am truly feels like home. Sustainability and social responsibility has always been very important to me. Working with a brand that is a 100% recyclable Vegan, committed to preserving the beauty of this planet and keeping every woman look fashionable with technology that gives us lasting comfort. What more can one ask for? It’s time to own summer #SummerBelongsToIpamema," said Minnie Dlamini.


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