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South African mechanical rights collective management society Composers Authors And Publishers Association (CAPASSO) is passionate about the South African music industry. We stand with the arts industry through thick and thin.

Currently the South African arts industry has been experiencing tough times which has left many of us worried about where we are headed. We recently survived the global pandemic, Covid-19 where for just over two years our creatives could not perform live for their supporters which is the majority way in which they are able to earn a living to sustain their lives.

Just as things are starting to go back to “normal” there has been a rise in the deaths of many creatives who are beacons of hope and their deaths have left many unsettled and now is the time to pull together as an industry and tap into the source of our core.

CAPASSO will host a Prayer For The SA Arts Industry which is not about any specific religion, but the coming of all religions to pray for calm and peace within the sector. The vision and mission is to gather everyone in the creative space and allow them to connect and pray together to the Creator/Higher Power/Source that they all believe in. The prayers will be led by different religious leaders who will usher all creatives into prayer during the two-hour session.

Something as significant as praying together we hope will be able to provide comfort and togetherness as most individuals are affected by the passing of their peers whether directly or indirectly.

Said CAPASSO CEO, Jotam Matariro: “The coming together and praying in one room is just the courage and hope we need to keep going. We cannot deny that the passing of many of our great members has left a big gap in our hearts and the industry. The creative sector is poorer without those that departed. I would like to urge all creatives and other industry practitioners in whatever capacity to show up as we unite in prayer and look forward to better days. The prayer session is not about a specific religion but all our faiths. This is what most of us need at the present moment and as CAPASSO we stand with the arts industry as we usher ourselves into new and positive steps forward.

“I would like to thank all our religious leaders who availed themselves when we reached out to them, this prayer session could not happen if it was not for them, the SABC for supporting us from the word go and all our creators for joining us.”

Please join us in prayer: DATE: Monday, 27 March 2023 VENUE: SABC M1 Studios in Auckland Park, Johannesburg. TIME: 2.30PM Kindly RSVP to:


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